Three Timothy Lake Activities for Multigenerational Families
By Jenni Ruiz-Medina
I remember the first time I went to Timothy Lake like it was yesterday. My 12-year-old self was full of energy. From the moment my family drove into the campground, all I could think about was plunging into the lake. Not everyone in my family likes swimming as much as I do. That didn’t stop them from having a blast. Timothy Lake offers activities everyone in the family can enjoy, from my 4-year-old cousin to my 71-year-old papa.
Paddle across Timothy Lake 
After breakfast, my family and I head to the beach to claim a plot. We own kayaks and paddle boards, so there’s something for everyone. My Nana and Papa do their morning kayak across the 1,400-acre lake. The waters are calm; this is perfect for my Nana, who worries about tipping her boat. I paddle out on my board, and cannonball into the cool, transparent water for hours. 
Bike Timothy Lake’s perimeter 
Windy days at Timothy Lake don’t stop my family from getting the most out of our stay. A trail surrounds the lake, connecting campground to campground. My Nana, Papa and I take on the 13-mile loop by heading out at 9 a.m. to make it back for lunch at 2 p.m. The shaded trail, surrounded by greenery and killer views of Mt.Hood, revitalizes me on a sweltering day. The photo opportunities along the way are perfect for capturing memories. 
Gather around the fire 
After a long day spent paddle boarding or biking, I just want to relax. Every campground comes equipped with a fire pit, so smores are a must. I don’t hesitate to call dibs on a folding chair beside the blazing fire. Some of my aunts and uncles will make the one-hour drive with their young children so they can partake in roasting marshmallows. The gooey, chocolatey concoction is as sweet as my stay at Timothy Lake. 
Timothy Lake holds a special place in my heart because of the time spent there with my Nana and Papa. My family has already booked our annual summer stay, and you should too. You might even see me jumping off my paddle board in the middle of the lake.

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